Humans are great

better together

It's not about us

We believe that people come at work with good intentions, intentions to give, to share, to belong, to give out their best. The stake of work organizations is to allow an environment where this attitude of collaboration and performance is safe and valued. We believe that humans all have an area of talent that is ready to shine, and that it's just a matter of allowing ourselves to find it. It may take a little work, but we all have the capacity to unveil our own genius. We naturally know how to recognize it. Excitment. Thrill. Contentment. Peace. We may have felt it at work, in the safe space of our families, or during a stay in nature. Individually, we can develop skills to listen to these life forces and follow them, for it is in them that lies our genius, and through them that we can achieve the greatest. Collectively, we can mindfully arrange our organization to give way to each other's genius.

An organization is a group of people coming together to do things that they can't achieve on their own. People naturally connect because they want to contribute. Just like individuals, each organization has a unique identity, a unique purpose. They must be listened to and cared for in their own uniqueness.

Organizations perform best when people are their first priority. We believe that organizations thrive when they are workplace communities that make people feel safe to express their full potential and grow into their unique selfhood. We see organizations as superstructures holding space for individuals to become who they are, so that, together, we can reach our dreams. There is no standard way to get there, and the best approach is prototype, iterate, and scale when it works.

Humanity is a vast intricate system where we are all connected. We know that what and how we consume affects the politics in other countries. But we forget. Organizations are smaller scale systems that can help us realizing this connectedness, by offering us to truely live a collective adventure. We believe that workplaces are at the forefront of cultural transformation, and we want to make a difference. At Advaita, we aim at transcending oppositions and dualities to realize that there is something bigger to us than our own individual selves. Organizations should lead by example in the evergoing flow of change.