I am convinced that new modes of organization can allow teams to reach full empowerment through cultures of collaboration and compassion.

I am dedicated to help people navigate through the difficulties of working together, so that groups of individuals can become autonomous, cohesive and swift teams, fully empowered to reach their goals.

I am doing this because I believe it is a way to soothe the world.

My passion : helping you grow

I started my adult life by a deep dive into science. Physics held the promise to satisfy a need for impartiality, depth and truth. But after three years of PhD spent attempting to manufacture truth from wobbling and unpredictable experiments on human primary cells, I understood that truth as well is a fabrication of the human mind. 

If the world of ideas was to be as blurry as the human world, I decided to dedicate my training and knowledge so that technological advances  could directly benefit humans. After a first stay at the Brain & Spine Institute, where I was in charge of fostering partnerships between academia and corporates in neurotechnologies, I took the leap and joined a promising startup, Sensome, as a COO.

My most original mission was to design the organizational structure of the company so that the sense of belonging and the agility of the team would remain as we'd grow. From science, I kept the habit to examine state-of-the-art research before any impactful decision. I started to look in depth at the new organizational models proposed in various domains.  Knowing little but wanting the best for my team, I started to implement the main principles of self-management that I found from various sources, convinced that it was the way forward to avoid constricting the huge potential of my mates.


After three and a half years, I had designed a whole self-management system that got approved by the tough regulating bodies of the medical device industry at first try. From recruitment to decision-making, meetings guidelines to compensation, I supported the fast-growing team with cutting edge practices to maintain a culture of care and performance. In 2018, the Think-Tank "En Temps Réel" published an essay where I exposed in detail how it works.


Mid 2019, as the team was becoming more and more autonomous, more and more alive, I decided to step aside so that this incredible human and intellectual experience could benefit others.

Would you be one of those ? I can't wait.

  • Ph.D Biophysics, Université Paris Diderot, 2014

  • MSc Biomechanics, McGill University, 2011

  • Ecole Polytechnique Graduate (X06)

  • Executive Coaching, Université de Cergy, 2019-now

  • Toscane Accompagnement, 2018-2019

  • Yoga teacher certification, Himalaya Yoga Valley, 2016