We use a systemic approach to deeply upgrade the way you operate and relate. This approach targets both measurable and hidden aspects of a company's life. All what we apply is backed by serious research in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, sociopsychology and other related domains. We look at hard written processes and internal operating policy as well as at the inner life of the organization and its individuals. A thriving organization needs to consciously address all of these four aspects : structure, team work, identity and personal development. Depending on what is already in place in your organization, we will help you find the right solutions to improve the areas that need it the most.



We help you re-think deeply all the processes governing your organization. HR processes, rituals, meetings, conflict resolution, decision making, we help you find the way to operate that fits best to who you are and what you do.

Project Management



We wish we would be born with an innate capacity to relate with our peers in constructive manners. But we know that’s not true. And since it is not taught in school, our communication style relies a lot on what our environment brought to us as we grew into adults. The good news is that it's a skillset that can easily be learnt! We teach you modern techniques of emotion management and constructive communication to better interact with each other, blending in approaches from neuroscience, development psychology and mindfulness. We use established personality tests to help you map out in what way you are different from one another and give you tips to better relate. It's about instilling reliable psychology knowledge so that you can raise your collective awareness and gain organizational consciousness.




Each organization is a unique psychological and social environment. A network of individuals intertwined by mutual interdependance and helping relationships designed to reach a collective goal. The collective values, habits, implicit rules, common beliefs, structure the way we relate. It is always changing, and greatly determined by the the personnality of the most influencing members. It may also be influenced by history, market, technology, average age of the members, and so on. Collective identity and culture is incredibly difficult to grasp, yet prevails as one of the main factor of success. You can bring awareness to your culture and actively chose it, so that it transforms into a tool of collective empowerment.


Why are you doing what you are doing? Find out and make it the most powerful strategy tool you can have.


What is important for you in life, as a collective? What do you care for and what do you despise? 


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Where do you see your organization in the medium and far future ? 



 Just like collectives are run by unseen factors, we, as individuals, are governed by our psychology. The degree of awareness that we have of or psychological constructs defines how fast we get rid of limitations and break the cycle of repeating situations that keeps us unsatisfied. The more you are aware of your inner life, the faster you grow. Self inquirey is a fundamental process in developing who you are, how you relate and thus how you work. In coaching, we provide a safe environment and support to develop this fondamental skill that is self exploration.